Leukemia Cup Raises Funds and Spirits

Leukemia Cup Raises Funds and Spirits

Oh, darn, year after year, a beautiful day on the water! Every so often, it’s fun to throttle back a bit on the serious racing scene, and throttle up on the relaxed-but-spirited fleet having a grand time supporting a great cause. This year there was just enough breeze for most boats to give their engines a break, kick back and enjoy the sailing, and finish where you finish. After all, with this event, when the day is done, everyone wins. Enjoy the photos! – Jan Anderson

Ed. Note: Sorry we’re a little late getting these pictures (that were taken June 10) out on Sailish. It’s great to see Gary Jobson’s Leukemia Cup keep on doing its great work. Thanks should go out to Elliott Bay Marina, which once again does a great job of hosting this event. Thanks to all for making this happen.  


Top Teams

 Freedom  $8,950
 At Last  $6,750
 Golden Mean  $6,188
 Zephyr  $4,380
 LUNA Ridenour  $3,965
 Ruach  $3,937


Blakely Rock Benefit Rocked

Blakely Rock Benefit Rocked

Zowie, what a day!  Bruce (Hedrick) himself could not have even foretold the weather we experienced, with winds simultaneously from the north and south, dead spots and breezy spots in no apparent order, contrarian current over the entire course, and overcast to full on sunshine to boot!  Wait a minute … that is EXACTLY what Bruce forecast for us.  Has there ever been another human so capable of predicting a 100+ boat day of fun on the water?

And here are a few of Jan’s photos….don’t forget to go to her smugmug site and buy some:

Ed. Note: We’d love to hear from the Sloop Tavern YC or Frog Prints e! folks on just how much money was raised for my friends at Frog Prints e! The race results are here. If anybody would like to chime in with vignettes or photos, I’ll run ’em.

Gig Drifter

A gorgeous day, albeit breezeless!  Lots of energy, very little mojo!  As always, it was terrific to see “all the usual suspects” out on the race course.  Even given the conditions (minus 2 gusting to zero, with an opposing current on the starting line) it was still great to get on the water, so we hope these images help recreate a pretty darned nice early spring day … enjoy!

Lots more Jan photos (yours?) here.

Results here.