Thanks for coming aboard. This is my simple sailing blog. I’ve been a sailor since I was two weeks old, and editor of both national and regional boating publications, and a web site guy. I’m hoping that I can get smarter sailors than I to contribute their knowledge, insights and opinions as well. It’s not currently monetized, but I hope to figure a way to do that soon.kurtcapsizeddjodcropped

Ah, there’s the rub. I’ve written about sailing for money for a long time and will continue to do so. But what I hope to do with this site is simply create a place for Northwest sailors to visit. It’s not going to be an online magazine or litany of product and boat reviews or a few milktoast stories squeezed in between ads. Not worth it for you or me.

I’ll be blogging a lot. Readers can expect that things I planted between the lines of my previous writing will pop out where everyone can see them. After all, that’s what blogging’s about, right? I hope to feature others’ ideas as well, whether I agree with them or not. And if I see meaningul information or news, I’ll share it.

Comments will always be encouraged, but this isn’t going to become some shadowy forum where posters hide behind screen names to prod and poke at others.

If you want to contribute your thoughts on the process, email me at kurt@meadowpointpub.com or call me at 206 335 8776. I’d love some help creating something different for Northwest sailors.

Stay tuned, great things are yet to come.

Kurt Hoehne