Youth Movement at Turkey Bowl

Youth Movement at Turkey Bowl
Laser Radials lining up for a start on Saturday. Matt Wood photo.

Corinthian YC’s Turkey Bowl doesn’t always attract the biggest fleets (something about sailing in November), but last weekend, thanks to the efforts of kids, coaches and parents, it was a remarkably well attended regatta. Nearly 60 boats were entered including 505s, Vanguard 15s, RS Aeros, Lasers, Laser Radials and Optimists.

Mats Elf won the closely contested 505 class, while Dieter Creitz won the Optis with straight bullets and Nate Walgren won the 4-boat Vanguard 15 fleet.

Lasers setting up for a start Sunday.

The singlehanded fleets each had a strong showing with 14 Aeros, 9 Laser standard rigs and 13 Laser Radials. Dan Falk, winner in the Aero class, “couldn’t remember having that much fun” as the last heavy air duel against Carl Buchan. They finished a foot apart, with the nod going to Buchan. Oregon’s Doug Seeman made his trip worthwhile, winning the Laser standard rig on the strength of a dominating performance on the light air first day. In the Radial class, it was Owen Timm taking the win over Abbie Carlson and Kit Stohl. The Radial class is really coming into its own and is a great place for younger and smaller sailors to compete at a high level

Results here. 

One of the groups of young sailors came from the Mount Baker Rowing and Sailing Center, a City of Seattle racing program based on Lake Washington and now headed up by Kaitlyn Van Nostrand. It would be great to have a city-based program turning up at regattas! Here’s Kaitlyn’s report from the weekend:

Mt. Baker Youth Sailing Team culminated its first fall practice series by attending CYC’s annual Turkey Bowl with 4 lasers and 2 Opti’s. Three of our novice sailors had never raced on the Sound before and for one of our Opti sailors, it was her breakout regatta! They were tough kids, considering most juniors start and stop when the weather is warm and dry.  

With some nervous laughs, the junior sailors joined the 505’s, RS Aero’s, Lasers, Radials and Optis for 6 great races on Saturday. Our team learned about the current, being scared then excited about the waves, swell and lots of ah ha moments when we talked about how the current would affect the mark rounds, and connecting the theory to practice when the current did just that. For two of our Radial sailors, their goal was to finish the races. Finish they did and by the end of the day, the race committee was cheering them on as they crossed the line!  For the other two second year Laser sailors, it was to see their great improvement that all the sailing they did this fall paid off. As they were able to finish closer to the fleet of great year around juniors sailors from SYC’s race team! Our Opti sailors learned how to stay out of the way of 505’s screaming past and got a few helloss from our laser master’s friends! After over 5 hours on the water and some warm chili, our sailors were falling asleep at the Clubhouse. Needless to say, they had a good night sleep! 

The forecast was wild for Sunday, but we did manage to get two great races off in the funny west/south west direction. Then the real fun began, the swells started getting larger before the big gusts came just as the second laser race was finishing. Race committee abandoned racing for the junior classes and the parade of laser radials and opti’s made their way back to the docks. It was a wild ride in huge gusts and big swell for our lake sailors! They were pleased enough to be done early after the long day Saturday. We washed our boats, packed up and headed back to Mt. Baker. Lots of smiles, lots of excellent experience gained and excited to start up again in the Spring.

If any Junior Sailors are interested in joining our youth sailing team at Mt. Baker, we will be starting Laser and Opti practice again on the weekends in April 2018. Sailors must know how to sail, but do not need racing experience. All our boats are owned by Mt. Baker Rowing & Sailing Center and we have scholarships available. We practice April to November! Email Coach Kaitlyn at to find out more. 

Thanks, Kaitlyn, and I’ll second her call for more sailors. Whether it’s Mount Baker, Sail Sandpoint, CYC, SYC, high schoolers or any of the other great junior programs around, competitive sailing is definitely on the upswing in the Northwest. There are plenty of great coaches, parents and other sailors to help and keep things safe.

Have a great Thanksgiving all!

Bruce’s Brief: Weekend Weather Nov 19-20 Including CYC Turkey Bowl

Just looking at the surface charts for this weekend you would think that this should be just about the perfect weekend for the Laser Districts/Turkey Bowl and with 22 boats registered, it’s looking pretty great!

The interesting part is that the models are still not in agreement over what will happen on Saturday, at least for central Puget Sound. In the Straits they do agree it’s going to be breezy from east-southeast almost all weekend. As you can see from the surface charts and 500 MB charts there is a very healthy low pressure system that is just sitting off the coast and not going anywhere. It will continue to sit there and just spin off frontal systems which will mean rain and showers for at least the next five days. By Sunday the system will have moved slightly closer to the coast so this will probably the best day for steady breeze from the south in the 10-20 knot range.

Saturday will start out with fairly good breeze however it will get a bit light and shifty in the afternoon before it starts to settle back in from the south which should occur sometime early Saturday evening. As they say, conditions will provide something for everyone.

Tides are interesting in that you’ll be sailing in a fairly continuous ebb almost all day both days.


0800      Slack

0924      .34 knot                 Ebb

1112      .26 knot                 Ebb

1300      .31 knot                 Ebb

1506      Slack

1730      .62 knot                 Flood


0900      Slack

1042      .26 knot                 Ebb

1300      .26 knot                 Ebb

1554      Slack

1830      .6 knot                    Flood

Remember that with a continuous southerly today and rain starting this evening the ebb will start sooner by 30-45 minutes and last longer by the same amount. There will also be some freshwater rivers on top of the saltwater of the Sound that will be interesting to deal with. Once again it will pay to keep your head out of the boat and watch what’s going on around you. At least with a southerly and an ebb, the water should stay relatively flat.

Sailing off of Shilshole depending upon where the course is set you may still be able to get close enough to the beach to take advantage of the port tack puffs which will be lifts the closer in you can get. On the runs watch for the puffs coming out of the Locks and remember that these puffs tend to fan out the further away from the Ship Canal they get.

Have a great weekend, be safe, it will be wet but really, really fun!