Bruce’s Boat Show Weather Brief for February 2-4 and Seattle Boat Show Move-0ut


Bruce loves manning the NMTA booth at the Seattle Boat Show almost as much as he enjoys prognosticating the weather!

Bruce’s Brief’s Bell Harbor Boat Show Forecast: Friday 2 Feb –Sunday 4 Feb.

It’s actually been a pretty nice week except that we are, once again, ahead of rainfall for the year, already! Not much will change to slow that until Tuesday.

For the rest of the day, today expect SW breeze of 15-18 knots as another weak cold or occluded front offshore will move across the area today for strengthening onshore or westerly flow. This will create gale force westerly winds over parts of the Strait of Juan de Fuca this afternoon and evening. We can expect another weak frontal system to move across the area on Saturday, followed by another one late Saturday night or Sunday morning. This will make out on Sunday from Bell Harbor interesting as we can expect 15-25 knots of SW from 0900 on Sunday until about 1800 that evening. After that, it will ease to 10-15 knots of southerly. Expect the strongest breeze to be 25+ knots from 1100 until about 1700. Basically, a perfect reason to delay move-out until Monday and watch the Super Bowl!


Tides at Bell Harbor

1744 Fri                 11.08’

0019 Sat                -1.2’

0718                       12.92’

1318                       4.37’

1841                       10.48’


0104 Sun                              .09’

0755                       12.74’

1409                       3.72’

1942                       9.08’

0150 Mon              1.63’


The wind forecast for Bell Harbor

1600-1800 Fri        15-18 SW

1800-2000             10-15 S

2000-0000 Sat       10-15 SW

0000-0700             10-12 S

0700-0900             5-10 S

0900-1200             5-10 SE

1200-1900             5-10 S

2000-2300             5-10 SW

2300-0800 Sun      5-10 SE

0900-1200             15-20 SW

1200-1600             18-25 SW

1700-2200             10-15 S




Bruce has raced and cruised the Pacific Northwest his entire life. He earned a Bachelor's of Science from the University of Washington in Biological Oceanography and learned meteorology "to keep from getting kicked around on the race course." Bruce spent nearly two decades as Associate Publisher for Northwest Yachting Magazine, retiring in mid-2015, and was the chairman of the board of trustees for the Northwest Marine Trade Association in 2014. (photo of Bruce driving Playstation is a bit dated, but cool)

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