Bruce’s Briefs: Weather for 26, 27, 28 Jan. The BIG Seattle Boat Show Starts Today!

What a week we’ve had and what a weekend it will be. The folks that were able to get space at the Century Link Field Events Center are going to be so glad because it is going to be wet for the next five days followed by some drying and cooler weather towards the end of next week. As of today, we’ve had almost six inches of rain so far this year, exactly the same amount we had a year ago and almost 1.3” ahead of “normal.”

As you can see from the surface charts we’ve got a series of storm systems coming right at us and a jet stream that will keep them aimed right into the Pacific Northwest. This will mean plenty of wind over the Sound today but easing this afternoon. As tomorrow comes around expect very stormy conditions along the coast, in the eastern Straits and the San Juan Islands. We’ll have some wind over the Center and South Sound but easing in the afternoon. Late Sunday another system will come onshore bringing more rain and some wind.

If you’re working at the In-The-Water Shows be sure to check the mooring lines and fenders and run the extra lines. As we learned a couple of years ago make sure that the fenders aren’t blocking the exhaust port for the onboard furnace and that the boat can’t shift to a point where that port is blocked.

I’ll be working at the Boat Show Information Booth between the East and West Halls tonight, Saturday night and Sunday morning. During the week I’ll be there Monday night, Tuesday morning, and Friday night. So if you’re going to be at the Show around those times please come by and say hello!

Have a great weekend!


Bruce has raced and cruised the Pacific Northwest his entire life. He earned a Bachelor's of Science from the University of Washington in Biological Oceanography and learned meteorology "to keep from getting kicked around on the race course." Bruce spent nearly two decades as Associate Publisher for Northwest Yachting Magazine, retiring in mid-2015, and was the chairman of the board of trustees for the Northwest Marine Trade Association in 2014. (photo of Bruce driving Playstation is a bit dated, but cool)

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