And They’re Off, Wait, Over Early?

From these pictures it seems the crew aboard Bruce Hedrick’s Transpac ride Triumph are extremely happy. They should be, they’re racing across the Pacific on a sunny day! And they’re winning. Several hours into the race they were standing first in Division 4. But it didn’t exactly start out that way. What looked like the perfect pin-end start on a heavily favored line turned out to be an over-early, or OCS for those who like acronyms. Or at least that’s what the video commentators Chris Love and Katie Nastro seemed to think. I couldn’t confirm that on the tracker. In fact, I couldn’t duplicate anybody re-starting, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

Check out the video, taken from the birds-eye (drone) perspective. Triumph is second up from the pin, coming on wiht speed.

Hedrick has them keeping north of most of the boats, and that seems to be paying off.

This evening’s tracker


No word from Jamie Stewart aboard Raisin’ Cane, but she is 1/10th of a mile astern of her sistership Resolute, which is leading Division 3.





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